Gonna need lots of kit

Been thinking recently about how much kit I am going to get through next year and realised that even with the Karen Green Foundation kit and my trusty New Balance trainers x 2 I am pretty sure They are not going to last 3000+ km. So great news today when I opened an email from mens running magazine offering to publicise my challenge and give me £50 to buy running kit, but with one condition.

With the £50 I have to buy a full running kit, shoes, shorts, shirt and socks and then men’s running will contact me for a review of the items I have bought….. Cool. So time to hit the bargain bins.

I will update you all on my bargains of the century in due course. But in the meantime spread the word a nutter in Nottingham, England is running everyday of 2013 covering 3000 km and he wants your cash for a top cause.

Cheers Brendon x


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