Gonna need lots of kit continued “So you can buy a full running kit for under £50”

As previously mentioned Mens Running Magazine set me the challenge of buying a full running kit for £50. While I was very appreciative of this offer I thought it was going to be very hard to actually do it. But never wanting to be beaten I headed off to the bargain bins of Nottingham’s finest sports shops and the wonderful world of the web determined to cobble something together.

I made the decision pretty early on that due to the time of year I would start looking at Trail shoes because as soon as the snow and ice hit road running is going to be nigh on impossible and an injury waiting to happen. When it came to everything else though it really was a matter of whatever I could lay my hands on…… so how did I get on?

Well pretty well actually it is amazing what you can get if you take the time to look and not just on the web. I have listed below the items that I have bought and the cost. Over the next couple of weeks I will be giving it a good workout and will post my findings. So will it be £50 well spent??? I bet you can’t wait 😛

Karrimor trail running shoes = £20
Karrimor Hi Viz Running T Shirt = £5.99
More Mile London Cushioned Socks = £3.59
GK Sportswear long sleeve baselayer = £9.00
Sondico shorts = £3.99
Ronhill Wrist Bottle 500ml Clear/Black = £3.32
Total delivery Charges £3.99
Total spent = £49.88

3 thoughts on “Gonna need lots of kit continued “So you can buy a full running kit for under £50”

  1. Well done Brendon. Especially like the look of your shorts. If the weather gets really bad, will a treadmill run count?

  2. Cheers Karl, Yeah really happy with it hoping to take the trail runners out this weekend and no it’s outside all the way snow, rain, wind, heat whatever the British weather throws at me I’ve just gonna have to get my head down grit my teeth and run through it……

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