Shock I quite like my £20 trail shoes

Boy did it rain on Saturday, so it was a pleasant surprise to wake up Sunday morning and see blue skies and sunshine yes it was bloody cold still but the perfect opportunity to test out my new Karrimor Trail shoes  (courtesy of Mens Running Magazine)

Now I know Karrimor and Sports Direct get a bit of a hard time over here regarding quality so I was not expecting much from my £20 Trail shoes, apart from maybe a couple of blisters and aching ankles. In fact what I got was a shoe that felt…. well pretty good.

There was defo a major difference between them and my New Balance road runners, mainly the weight and you just don’t get that spring back from your foot strike in the Karrimors, but there were major differences in price remember. What I did find with the Karrimors though are that on the wet stuff (mud, leaves, Gravel) they were very confidence building and yes it was a short run (4 miles) and I wasn’t in the back end of beyond but I didn’t have a single slip or turn of the ankle.

Now let’s be straight these are my first trail shoes so I am no expert and unless they start to become a little more flexible over the coming weeks/months then I don’t think I would be looking at much more than a 10km run in these but with more usage that may change.

So basically IMO if you are predominantly a road runner who fancies an infrequent blast on the trails (especially once the snow and ice hits) then for £20 you can’t really go wrong.


Let me know what you think

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