First run of 365 and what a way to start.

Firstly happy new year everyone and I hope you had a fantastic break.

So here we go and what a way to start. About a month ago two friends of mine Matt and James suggested I should have a launch run at Wollaton Hall for the first of my 365 runs. While I thought this was a good idea, I also had in the back of my mind right New Year’s Day equals cold and probably rain or snow and certainly hangovers a plenty, thus probably resulting in only me attending my New Year’s Day big send off. How silly of me to doubt my family, friends and fantastic club members at Absolute Triathlon.

Great support

The plan was to meet at Wollaton Park at 1pm (plenty of time to kill those hangovers) do a leisurely 2 lap run totalling 7 km and then reward ourselves with copious amounts of cake, tea, soup etc., there had even been mention of a generator, oven and sausage rolls….. Yummy. Now in the prep for this we assumed that Wollaton Park would be quite quiet considering the time of year, oh how wrong could we be. I turned into the park at 12:30 expecting it to be dead and it was rammed I don’t think I have ever seen it so busy. In hindsight I am not sure why we assumed it was going to be dead considering it was a bank holiday and the sun was out to really seal our doom. But hey it won’t be that bad I told myself we will just have to run around a few people and tweak the route slightly as I was pretty sure the narrow paths through the Gardens of Wollaton Hall wouldn’t take the massing general public and our band of 25-30 runners.
So we all met up wished each other a happy new year. loaded the boot of John’s car with the contents of what looked like a Women’s Institute afternoon tea party, took the obligatory snap and headed off.

Plenty of after run treats

Now this was set to be a nice gentle jog around the lake and deer park at Wollaton and for the most it was. Yes we were squeezed along paths, tripped up by dog leads and we had a few people get lost (I did provide a map) but it was great fun meeting up with good friends and family having a laugh, enjoying great scenery and the fresh air, that was until we got to me slight route tweak. In fairness to me at such short notice I am not sure how I could have done any different but my tweak took us down a path…… hmmm well mud slide really which I rather enjoyed but I think I may have been in the minority there. Now remember this is a 2 lap run so you can imagine how it was when we hit it for the second time. I am pretty sure some sparkly new Christmas trainers and kit got well and truly christened on that path. But after far too many mince pies, Christmas puddings, beige buffets and Chocolate devoured over the Christmas break creating a nice spare tyre around my waist (I was not alone 😛 ) I was finding this hard work but I slowed my pace and hauled myself up the hill towards the finish were we were greeted with a cheer from our wonderful support and the smell of hot sausage rolls …… Brilliant.

The Hill of Christmas treats

As I received my well-earned kiss and cuddle from my wonderful wife and Son and tucked into a selection of cakes, savoury treats provided by a great great group of people. I looked around and saw all the people that had taken time out of their holidays to come down and support me and Micks fantastic foundation I really did realise how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family and such a fantastic group of friends and that with that kind of support there is no way I can fail in this challenge…. Thank you all x

A top group


5 thoughts on “First run of 365 and what a way to start.

  1. This was great fun to read- and what a support system!! Looks like it was a wonderful afternoon of friends and fun…

    Thanks so much for the follow- looking forward to following your 365 journey. All the best.

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