Week one review: This is going to be hard

Wow well that’s the first week done, well 6 days completed. Now the important stuff first

  • 52km completed
  • 2948km remaining
  • £1060 raised so far

I had spent the whole time since deciding to do this challenge dreading the first couple of months. Knowing that over the last couple of years January and February have been horrendous due to snow and ice. I had already mentally prepared myself with possibility of only being able to do the 5km min per day due to this and that I would probably be looking at heading into March maybe even April way behind schedule. Now this may still happen and I for one still expect a cold snap but to be ahead of schedule at the end of the first week and to have raised over £1000 has been a massive boost.

The build-up to the start of this has been far from perfect as I am sure you have read (you better have :-P) I had a Strain/Minor tear of Peroneus Brevis tendon in my foot which meant that pretty much the whole of December was wiped out No running and No Bike booooooo. The problem this caused was two fold not only did it mean I really fell out of the habit of getting out there and sweating, I also went through the temptation riddled Christmas period. People I have known for a while mention that I have lost weight, and I have. I dropped from 13st 2lb’s in 2010 down to 10st 10lb’s for the Outlaw triathlon in July 2012, but since then little by little it has snook back on. I know a lot of this has to do with not doing the level of training I was previously doing prior to the Outlaw and eating crap (Christmas). But to go from 10st 10lb’s to 11st 12lb’s in the space of 6 months is pretty bad. I read a statistic once that said when running the weight put onto your landing foot is tripled and I can honestly say I felt every single additional onze on the 1st January 2013 as I hauled my sorry ass up the hill at Wollaton Park.


That first run though was a great day and really was just what I needed to get me right up for the challenge, but because of that the following days run felt very strange. I am not really sure why as I probably do 90% of my running on my own and I quite enjoy plodding along listening to my music, but I did feel lonely whether it was just missing the banter and back slapping of the day before or just maybe hearing your own thoughts reminding you that this is what you are going to be doing for the next 363 days. I am sure that with time, getting into the right mind set and some banging tunes (feel free to add your favourite tracks to my playlist blog https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/running-playlist/) all will be ok. I am also very lucky that I have a long list of eager running buddies lining up to keep me company on those lonely long runs it will be interesting to see how long that list is should the snow start 🙂


As I approached the end of the week I really did start to feel the strain of running everyday. I am used to exercising everyday but usually this is split up between Swimming, Cycling and Running so that I am never overdoing a certain muscle group. But as I hit 3km on run #6 my legs just started screaming “no more we usually have a rest by now what the hell are you doing”. The pain was targeted very acutely on my Tibialis Anterior muscle and more worryingly more prominent on me right leg


Photo curtosy of studyblue.com

(SeeTurkey Trot post https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/the-turkey-trot-half-marathon/ ) I managed to grit my teeth and bang in the remaining 4km, and after a nice soak and a good dose of deep heat my legs felt much better and more importantly no real tenderness on the shin bone, phew.

I think this is something I am going to have to get used to I have done an Ironman triathlon and Marathons and the intense training that comes with both, but it is now hitting home that I am really going to be putting my body through the mill with this and there are times where it is going to hurt. I do feel though that as long as I am smart with my distance choices, targeted lower limb strengthening (see lower leg exercises from Steve Lloyd of http://www.absolutetri.com/ here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arYsfdetHNw&list=UU3SUD6YxNdI1Gnzvi4Uy_WQ&index=34 ) and my recovery then I should be ok, well thats the plan 🙂


Let me know what you think

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