Run #21 Boom back to back 8km

Back to Back 8km

Back to Back 8km


Run #21 another 8km to the total first back to back 8km runs since the shin injury

Total completed: 141km

Total Remaining: 2859km



6 thoughts on “Run #21 Boom back to back 8km

    • Cheers mate yeah happy getting back on track yeah I.would.strongly recommend Garmin Connect I use the forerunner 405cx and cant fault it. Cannot comment on Nike+ as have not used it but have used runkeeper and endamondo and Garmin whoops it.

      • Thx… it is always great to get first hand info… I am using Nike + and it is ok… GPS could be better… but what the heck… I will be looking at some Garmin stuff… not to change more so to have a different device to monitor the GPS… 🙂

      • No worries the one thing I would say with Garmin is the connect suite is great but as with all these things it stands or falls by the device you are connecting with. But from mine other triathletes and runners I know the forerunners are pretty accurate

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