Yawn morning runs all round (week 5 review)

Total completed 257km

Total remaining 2743km

Total Raised £1,285.00

So this was the week that I was shifting onto morning runs. I had taken the weekend to ease myself in to it by taking a midday run on the Saturday and an earlier run on the Sunday, so that when I headed out on that Monday morning at 5 frickin am it was not such a shock to the system. Well it was, it was horrible. Now I don’t mind waking up at 4:30am if I am off to do something exciting like go on holiday or well just go on holiday really but to get up that early in the morning to go for a run just screams lunacy to me. But up I got I did my normal pre run routine and headed out into the cold dark morning, and you know what it was bloody brilliant. After only 2km I was saying to myself why haven’t I done this before, no traffic, no pedestrians or bikes to dodge, no shouty youths (god I sound old) all I can say is from that point I was a convert. I had planned on grinding out 5km and hoping the next run would get easier but I happily extended my run to a solid 8km and bounced home with a Cheshire cat sized grin across my mug. Now you are probably waiting for the moan …. You won’t have to wait long …. Here you go.

I do want to get one thing straight though I still hate getting up this early in the morning (unless it’s for a holiday) and the stumbling round half asleep getting your kit on and stretching that early is a right pain, I am just glad that the run made it worthwhile and I am sure as we crawl into the spring and summer months the lighter starts will make it much easier, I hope.


It does though feel like I am making some inroads into this crazy target now helped with run #30 taking me past 200km, and run #31 signaling the end of my first month, and aside from the obligatory moan I am transitioning quite nicely into my morning running routine and starting to get into quite a nice groove now. I have even managed to wangle a sort of day off by creating a 36 hour gap between Thursdays 5am run and Fridays 5pm run (my wifes great idea). This has given me some much needed rest and allows me to really make the most of my weekend runs. This is shown quite clearly on run #33 when I completed a moral boosting 16km run, and even more importantly I had no issues on the following two 6km runs, happy days 😀

Friday this week was a very strange day for me. It really started a couple of days earlier than that when I had a tweet from my local radio station http://www.bbc.co.uk/radionottingham asking me if I would be interested in doing an interview on their breakfast show. This was such a great opportunity to really promote my Challenge and the http://www.karengreenfoundation.com/ that I quickly agreed, and let’s be honest it would also be really cool to be on the radio. The one thing that I didn’t realise was that they actually wanted me to go into the studio argggggghhhhhhhhhhh I thought it was going to be a nice chat over the phone. Luckily I only had one day to panic about this and then it was off to the studio. So obviously I woke up on the morning of the show with a throwback to last week’s cold … great. Luckily after afew coughs and splutters and continued attempts to clear my throat (I am pretty sure everyone on the bus thought I was either going to break into song or give a rousing speech) I finally felt ok. I dove off the bus and straight into the nearest shop to buy throat sweets and a bottle of water to prevent any relapse. Isn’t it amazing I can quite happily run 10km without a drink and not feel thirsty but being put in this situation my mouth was so dry and no matter how much water and tea I drank it just dried out straight away.  I just had this awful feeling that I would open my mouth to answer a question and nothing but dry air would come out and some pathetic whimper. Anyway as with most things the thought of something and the reality are often very different and apart from the fact that I could hear my heart beating in my throat as I was talking I don’t think it went to bad. Have a listen and let me know what you think (from 1:39:47)



So what a great way to round off week 5, my 15 mins (well 5mins) of fame, a real morale boosting return to form (run #33) and settling in nicely to my new running schedule. Lets just hope it continues into next week when I will be looking to start integrating my Triathlon training into my schedule in preparation for the new season… Gulp.


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