Time to get back in the pool and back on the bike (Week 6 review)

Total completed 319km

Total remaining 2681km

Total Raised £1,295.00

I am sorry this weekly review is a little late but I have really struggled to write my blog this week, and not because of any major catastrophy, but simply because I have had such an uneventful week, and it has been great, a complete breath of fresh air. I have woken up, got my kit on and run, and it has been as simple as that. This may have alot to do with the fact my body appears to be getting used to the constant battering, meaning that the majority of my runs are now pain free, but whatever it is I am not moaning, really I’m not, not a single moan in the whole of this post (and yes I am writing this its not a ghost writer) . One important thing that this has allowed me to do though is sit down and organise a running plan, that I now have the confidence I will be able to stick to. I have also learnt to listen to my body over the last 6 weeks and adjust my run distances accordingly, so the table below is far from set in stone. But for those interested here is the plan I am working around:


If you remember from last week’s review this was the week I was going to start to integrate my Triathlon training back into my routine. This usually consisted of a daily bike ride of 40km, the odd run here and there and a coached swim at least once a week. I have already made the decision to cut a lot of the races I would usually do in a season, but I still do have a half Ironman event the vitruvian-triathlon looming large on the horizon. Plus and probably most important I love being a member of absolutetriathlonclub , I enjoy my triathlon training and I have missed the banter from my fellow club members. So I have made the decision to do my usual 40km ride but only 3 times a week (Tues/Wed/Thurs), my coached swim on the Tuesday morning, and then potentially a turbo session and a swim over the weekend.

Absolute Iron at the National relay championships

Absolute Iron at the National relay championships

I am already back on the Bike and I have managed to get in just over 115km this week. But due to oversleeping and extending my Tuesday run (because my legs just said “keep going”) I missed my coached swim session. This is something I am hoping to rectify next week. I know that once I get myself into the routine of swimming on the Tuesday morning all will be good, but it is like the morning running and me I find it so hard to get up and get my backside into gear but I’m sure one day it will all click.

So that’s it really from me this week, I’m sorry for you that there have been no dramas, but I’m not complaining. I’m sure that this week is just a blip and normal service will resume in the coming weeks and months, and hey what do you know here comes the snow again 😦


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