220 Triathlon Photoshoot

Not sure if you have read it on my previous post but back in November I was approched by 220 Triathlon magazine asking if I would be interested in appearing in a feature within their publication called “Me and my Bike”

(see previous blog https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/top-guys-at-220-triathlon/ )

Seeing this as a great way to promote my Challenge, The Karen Green Foundation and my club Absolute Triathlon I happily accepted (well I tore their hand off). Matt from 220 then sent me through a list of questions that I needed to answer and arranged for a local photographer to arrange a shoot.

I received a call From Dave of http://www.davetyrrell-photo.co.uk/ and arranged the shoot for the 12th of Jan below are a small selection of the photos taken and I have been advised that the publication will be out on March 5th…… Can’t wait 😀


me and my bike 2

meand ike3



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