Swift punishment for a lazy runner (week 7 review)

Total completed 384km

Total remaining 2616km

Total raised: £1295

Ok so my alarm goes off at 4:50 am and I have to get up for my morning run or do I ? Well my legs do seem to be aching a little I thought as I stretched them out under the warm duvet, and it does sound terribly windy and therefore cold out there, and I could do my run tonight and that would give me a nice long break between runs, and well you get the idea yep I stayed in bed (lazy lazy boy).


So I eventually hauled myself out of my pit and headed off to work and I was right it was freezing ‘result’ bullet dodged there then. Very quickly though as the snow started to fall I began to wish I had got up and run. I had not seen the weather forecast for the day and soon realised that I was going to be punished for my lay in. Now snow, lovely fresh crunchy snow is great and I have mentioned before how much I love running in it but this was different it was weird it was just turning into slush on impact and I hate running in slush, your feet get freezing cold and wet and you can’t wear spikes so your foot just slips a tiny bit every time you land, and every single little movement on each foot strike really gets to my ankles and so midway through the run I was in some pretty serious pain and was not having much fun at all. I managed to some how dig out 6km and got home to try and fix myself.

And so the theme continues and yes I know it is all my fault for saying what a great uneventful week I had last week. But hey at least it gives me something to write about and you can hopefully either feel sorry for me or have a giggle (I would giggle). Well run #45 and yep I pretty much bounced out of bed at 4:50am (lesson learnt there). I crept over to the window to have a sneaky peek at the blanket of probably now black slush waiting for me but it had gone, I rubbed my eyes and looked again and yep there’s the grass and the road and the pavement hurrah, I have been rewarded for getting up……. Not quite, what gets rid of slush overnight in winter? Rain, lots of rain oh well I would rather get a little wet and it be safer under foot if I’m being honest, so time to stop moaning and get suited and booted. So stretches done and nicely warmed up off I went, and you know what it was not that bad, running in the rain is actually quite nice well that is until you are running next to a mahusive puddle and a double decker bus comes round the corner at speed.

Not a bus but you get the idea

Not a bus but you get the idea

I kid you not this puddle went over my head like a wave, in fairness the bus driver would not have seen me, but either way if this had happen 6 months ago I would not have been a very happy bunny, but instead of getting annoyed by it I just chuckled and thought well that’s something to write about (not quite right ehh) and I plodded the last km home.

Run #46 this was the day I had scheduled for my long run, I was looking to do at least 18km, and as planned would be running home from work at 5pm therefore giving me a solid 36 break since my Thursday drowning 🙂 . I must admit I was not feeling very confident about this run my ankle was still not 100% from the slush slip/slide/stumble/run and I had a slight pull in my calf from the previous week were my foot had come unclipped from my pedals. I decided I would monitor it through the day and make a decision come 5pm. At 4:45 I still had not decided what I was going to do so decided to sort of not really commit to either, I started out for my run home but made sure I had enough cash to get me back should I blow up. I made sure I held a steady and very slow pace of 10 min miles and very quickly got myself into a really nice rhythm that enabled me to extend my run to 21km, by far the furthest run I have done this year and a massive boost to the moral. But boy could I feel every single one of those km’s on the next couple of runs.

Anyway to sign off, I am really looking forward to next weekend as I have a club social with absolute tri and we are doing a group run as part of it. The run will be along the bank of the river Trent and around Holme Pierepont (the run route for the Outlaw Triathlon) it should be a right good laugh (it always is) speak next week guys 🙂

holme pierrepont

holme pierrepont


6 thoughts on “Swift punishment for a lazy runner (week 7 review)

  1. Great post! Made me laugh. I especially sympathise with the ‘getting out of bed early’ scenario – I’m RUBBISH at getting up in the morning! This morning was the first morning this year when I actually thought ‘OK, it’s light at 7am, perhaps I might be able to drag myself out tomorrow for a run….’ Currently, I doubt that will happen, but I’ll keep thinking about it and maybe one day soon, I will……
    I’m a member of Bassetlaw Tri Club by the way – not far from you guys – maybe will catch up at an open water swim down an Nottingham or a local event some time. Do you swim at Colwick or HPP? Or both? We’re hosting a Sprint event from Worksop on August 4th if any of you guys fancy it? Prelim info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/552973438059579/

    • Hope you got up for your run this morning 🙂 Yeah I swim down at HPP did look into colwick, Whats the water like? Will defo have a look at the tri and post it on our club page hopefully see you throughout the season, What races are you doing this year? Pretty sure I am only doing the Vit and the relays @ HPP (love that race) this year

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