Return to the scene of the crime (Week 8 review)

 Total completed 440km

Total remaining 2560km

Total Raised £1305

So today was the big 50 and time for a bit of reflection. It does seem very strange to look back and think that I have now run for 50 days straight, and while there have been days were I have been very low due to fatigue and minor injury, my body is still not telling me that I have run 50 days straight and 400+ km . I just think to myself wow isn’t the body an amazing piece of kit, I have gone from hobbling through 5km, to back to back double digit runs and half marathon distance runs without too much negative impact. Yes I am running at a pretty slow pace, most 5km runs are completed in around the half hour mark when my pb is 19:02 and the single half marathon distance I have completed was in 2:17:19 compared to my pb of 1:47:50. I have found it hard to reign myself in especially as I have started to feel stronger but I just have to keep telling myself it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow I run this 3000km, it is going to take 365days so there is no point in going for pb’s and burning out, or worse.

Run #51 was a regulation 8km run but took me to 400km completed, another great milestone as every 100km passed is. I followed this with a couple of easier runs both in distance and pace with the knowledge that I was doing my long run not on Friday evening this time but a 15km group run on Saturday with the great guys of Absolute Triathlon Club. I have been really looking forward to this as not only is it great to meet up with all the familiar faces but also some of the new guys that have joined for their first tastes of Triathlon. The run as mentioned at the end of my last weekly review was along the River Trent and around the regatta lake at Holme Pierrepont. This is a great flat run but a course I have not revisited since the Outlaw Triathlon last year. Back then this course nearly broke me, well the course didn’t a nutrition plan, that due to a broken bike computer descended into guess what mile I’m on, nearly broke me but that’s a story for another day. Either way lapping that regatta lake did not bring back happy memories (finishing it did).

The dreaded regatta lake

The dreaded regatta lake

Tash had decided to come along with Harrsion for a walk along the run route and we headed off. We got to the meeting point a great pub called the Poppy and Pint and met up with a few of the people who had braved the weather to come and run with me. It had been forecast to snow that day and yes there was a little flurry of snow in the air from time to time but it was in fact a perfect day for a run, a slight breeze, broken sunshine and about 3c …….. Nice.

Karen Green Foundation

Karen Green Foundation

So I said my goodbyes and we headed out towards Holme Pierrepont and as expected I got caught up in the whole thing and shot off with the pack at about 8min pace far far too quick. So I slammed the brakes on and settled into a nice easy pace with a couple of friends and enjoyed the scenery, weather and company. As we approached the regatta lake I readied myself for the wind that usually hits you like a wall on the back straight but it was nowhere to be seen or is that felt (not sure you decide)…. Phew, I pounded out two laps of the lake with Nick, Dennis, Matt and Ali and then headed back to the Poppy and Pint to meet up with Tash, Harrsion and the others, feeling surprisingly fresh but more than ready for a well-earned pint.

While there I met up with Jayne from the Karen Green Foundation who took the above shot and filmed a short interview which I have posted below.

I finished the week off with a couple of nice recovery runs and if all goes well, next week should be the week were I edge ahead of my target pace …… Fingers crossed.


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