Run #64 Nice brick session




Nice brick session for run #64 25miles on the bike followed by a 6km run

Total completed 520km

Total remaining 2480km



2 thoughts on “Run #64 Nice brick session

  1. A brick session is were you train 2 diciplines of the tri. This session for example was a 25 mile bike and then straight out for the run. I also do a good hour in the pool and then a session on the bike it is slightly harder logistically with the swim but equally worth doing (possible pool to stationary bike if there is nowhere to safely store your racebike). It is great for not only knowing how you are going to feel when transitioning from one discipline to the other but also for helping you develop a smooth, effcient and fast T1 and T2 (Transition). Hope that helps Emma just shout if you need anymore help 🙂

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