Week 9 review The Tortoise and the Hare rant

Total completed 514km

Total remaining 2486km

Total raised £1335

A week of milestones this week, firstly the end of my second month, and a month were I managed to hit 254km at an average of over 9km per day, this was not only a massive boost to moral but it also helped me to pull back the deficit I had built up over a very hard January. Add to this the edition of a 21km long run once a week which has really given me a solid platform to start and edge ahead of my target pace taking the pressure off my midweek runs. Week 9 also saw me getting past the 500km mark, bang on schedule which was such a great feeling and a distance that felt a million miles away during January. The rest of the week has gone without any major problems and as always I have had great support from people all over the world (quite scary really) but I would just like to make a special mention about a top guy Dan Wymer who is doing a plank a day in support of my challenge. He has already hit a mightily impressive 3min 30 seconds and done 63 planks. You can check him out on twitter at https://twitter.com/running_dan_w  and on his blog at http://runningdanw.wordpress.com  Big thanks Dan

Now I have noticed a few things while out running this week and I am going to take this opportunity to have a bit of a moan. Now before you read any further I just want to make if perfectly clear that I am not a bike or a running snob and I don’t for one second think I am a great runner (far from it) and I am not a super quick cyclist I hold my own in both areas but that is about it. But there are things that have happened for a while during my commute on the bike and now with my running that I just want to share with you all.

Right I hope you are sitting comfortably its time to vent my frustration

Photo Courtosy of Digitaldreamsintl

Photo Courtosy of Digitaldreamsintl

Let’s just call this little rant “The tortoise and the hare”. This is something I have come across a lot while on the bike and something that really does get on my nerves. You can be happily coasting along in no particular rush, just enjoying being out on the bike when you suddenly hear huffing and puffing and panting coming up behind you and no I don’t mean the big bad wolf or someone practicing for a late night telephone call, but someone going as fast as they can possible go with the sole purpose of overtaking. Now I know I am a target for this as I am on a road bike, I shave my legs and I wear full a lycra cycling kit, but please if you are going to go past me (and that’s fine when I am not racing) at least maintain your speed, don’t go past give me a look to say YES !!! I overtook you in all your fancy kit etc. (like I care) and then because you have emptied your tank doing it slow down to a crawl, it is not only really annoying but bloody dangerous. So as happens nearly every time because I am holding a nice steady pace I coast past them, only for them to do the exact same thing 1 mile later when they hit a downhill section grrrrrrrrr. Are you not allowed to have a nice relaxing ride if you wear lycra without idiots thinking they are on a stage of the tour de France?

A marked man

A marked man

Now as I said I have had to deal with this for some time now on the bike and I have gotten pretty used to it (still really annoys me though) but I was really surprised when it happened to me the other day while I was running.  I was happily plodding along on one of my recovery runs (so super slow 10 -11 min mile pace) When I spotted a chap probably about 500m ahead of me, over the next couple of mins I caught him up and went past smiled wished him a good morning and continued on my run. No more than 30 seconds later whoosh he decided that he had some points to score and roared past me, and yep you guessed it no more than 50meters further ahead he couldn’t breathe anymore so he had to stop and walk, so with no change in pace I plodded past him and yep 5 mins later I could hear his thuds and panting drawing ever closer and I just shook my head as he went past me again, this time with not quite the same vigor as before but yep you guessed it about 50 meters up ahead he had to stop again this time to do his laces while sounding like he was about to die hmmmmmm, and no this guy was not interval training because there had been no change in pace the whole time I had been following him. Thankfully I was near the end of my run so turned off before the whole cycle started again, I don’t think my chuckle muscles could have taken another direct hit. As I stretched out I watched him settle down into a nice sensible pace and continue his run, well that is until he finds his next victim Mwhahahaha

Now I suppose I should take it as a compliment that people think that by cycling or running past me they are, I don’t know what they think they are doing, winning something? Point scoring? or just saying hey I don’t need fancy kit to be as fast as you (and you don’t I am not that fast). The problem is that I don’t care I am out riding my Bike and running for fun, because I enjoy it and it keeps me fit and healthy and allows me to have that naughty extra piece cake.  Yes when I am racing I hate being overtaken and I will chase a spec in the distance down if it kills me. But when I am out enjoying a nice run or ride, that is exactly what I am doing relaxing, having fun, enjoying myself. So if it is you that feels the need to do this then please stop it and just enjoy your running and Riding. Yes you are right you don’t need fancy kit to run or a fancy bike to go for a ride, so just enjoy being outside and getting fit and if you can’t then please go and race/point score with someone else.


The Muppets

The Muppets

Rant over and breathe………………

So week 10 beckons and I am really looking forward to it, as I have the Clough and Taylor Peoples 10km race which is at Donnington park race circuit (how cool is that), it is going to be so hard not to make racing car/bike noises as I go round the circuit lol. Speak next week and remember just enjoy whatever exercise you are doing isn’t that why the majority of us do it anyway?


9 thoughts on “Week 9 review The Tortoise and the Hare rant

  1. That kind of thing is so annoying – have to admit I do not do it as I’m so slow running I very rarely overtake people! If anything though this behaviour would make me want to play them at their own game – keep overtaking to make them work hard and overtake you back!

      • True I guess, but if I was heading home on my run and had it left in my legs I’d give them a run (ha ha) for my money!

        And, no, whine away!

  2. This happens to me running, too, and I swear the people doing it are running so sporadically I can’t imagine they are able to enjoy themselves — or finish. That’s why I like doing my long runs really early, before too many people are out there making a race out of everything.

  3. Thanks for the mention – it’s the least I can do to offer some moral support and hopefully put some additional traffic in your direction (of the internet variety rather than of the road or pavement kind – that would be cruel!). You’re doing a fantastic thing for a great charity.

    I must admit that, on occasion, I have “targetted” a fellow runner but my aim is to continue ahead of them of at worst, turn off onto a different route.

    I’m not a cyclist but if I were, the last thing I’d want is to continually have to pull out to overtake a cyclist – becoming a bigger target for the cars, buses and lorries that often don’t give you enough space at the best of times!

    Well done so far and keep those legs going!

  4. Beautiful, happens to me alot too on the bike and running; but im a sadist. I love watching them go past then crumble as they have no ability to hold a steady pace. You are right though as it means you have to take an uneccesary risk to re-overtake. You should wear a target on the back, revel in their madness. Karl makes a good point on the swim, constantly getting raced on one length deciders when im normally up to 90 odd and they are fresh, its mental.

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