Ouch I’ve just run into a week long wall (Week 10 review)

Total completed 559km

Total remaining 2441km

Total raised £1335

I have mentioned in my previous posts that I have started to add a long run to my schedule. The distance of this run has varied from 15km -21km but I have found that it has really taken the pressure off my weekday runs. Following these long runs I set aside Saturday and Sunday as my recovery days and therefore only look to run 5-6km on these sessions, this usually is enough to get me back ready for my 8km runs Mon through to Thursday, well not this week though and there was no real warning sign.

Friday’s 21km went really well, with no issues either during or after the run. My recovery runs on Saturday and Sunday went to plan and I was feeling pretty good as I looked to start my 10th week. I got up Monday morning all ready to tuck into a nice 8km for breakfast but I felt from the start of the run that things just weren’t right, I just had nothing in the tank. I had fuelled properly, I had done my pre run warm up to the letter but my body was just saying no not today. Conscious of previous problems caused by pushing it when I should have been a tad more sensible, I backed off and wrapped my run up at 6km, I had hit the wall big time.

Hitting the Wall

The next day though I made a big mistake I decided that because of the previous days run I would leave my Tuesday run until the evening giving me a big 36 hour break, great idea yeah. Well yeah it would have been if I had not then thought, hey why don’t I commute on the bike today and stretch the legs out a bit…… errrrr because yesterday you were running on fumes idiot!!!!!!!! And guess what when I ran that night after 6km I was dead and my legs were in bits (what a bloody idiot). So after giving myself a damn good talking to I decided to write this week off and just use it to recover, no runs over 6km no cycling and no swimming.

As I reached my Thursday and Friday runs my legs started to come back a little bit and for once I managed to resist the urge to push on and I forced myself home after the scheduled 6km. It is though so hard not to push for that 8km when you know that with every 6km run you are dropping a further 2km behind where you need to be. This is not usually an issue but when there is no way on earth that a 21km or anything near that distance is going to be run in the week it really is difficult to kkep the big picture at the front of your thoughts. But for once I was sensible and I got to the weekend feeling much stronger, I decided now was the time to give the legs a bit of a test so on my next run I dropped my pace right back and set off with the sole intention of hitting my 8km average and although not easy my legs were definitely starting to come back to me phew.

As mentioned last week I had the Clough and Taylor peoples run on Sunday at Donnington Park.


This was a run that I had been looking forward to doing so much, it is not every day you get to run round a race track without a steward trying to drag you off, but as the week progressed I knew deep down that this run was going to be a week too early for me (GUTTED) and so I purposely sabotaged any chance of doing this 10am run by doing my Saturday run late in the evening giving me no chance to recover.

This was a decision I was glad that I had made as I awoke on Sunday morning to see what can only be described as a blizzard outside my bedroom window. What the hell snow!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO  I was getting myself all prepped for Spring this was SO not in my plan. So my last run of the week was in quite literally a blizzard it was so bad that I couldn’t see a thing, complete whiteout. I didn’t really care though, my legs felt pretty good, I had a spring back in my step and I had the Rocky Balboa soundtrack on my IPod does it get any more hard-core than that lol.


Until next week and hopefully with NO MORE SNOW!!


2 thoughts on “Ouch I’ve just run into a week long wall (Week 10 review)

  1. I can really relate to this post! I hit the wall, as you know — and I have Rocky on my playlist. 🙂 My run last night was rough, too, but I know that is my fault: I was sleep deprived and dehydrated. I’m hoping today goes better. I have a hard time keeping my recovery runs slow so that’s what I’m trying to do this week. I think there are just going to be bad weeks. As runners, we obsess over mileage, speed, ect. (and you especially b/c of your goal), but we just have to give in to a bad day or a bad week. We still run, it just might not be as fast ot as far. They bad ones are temporary…

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