Time for a big thank you (Week 11 Review)

Not really sure what to write for this weeks post. I am really glad that I have got over that Wall I ran head long into last week and I have been really pleased with how solid, if not spectacular this week has been. Yes I have had to run in a bit of snow and rain, I do like running in the rain though and I have passed 600km but it has been another week were I have steadily got on with what I have had to do with nothing really noteworthy happening. So what I have decided to do is give you the bare bone facts

Total completed 613km

Total remaining 2387km

Total raised £1335

There you go, and use this as an opportunity to just say a big thank you to some people who have really helped me so far through this challenge. So in no particular order and if I have missed anyone I am sorry but this 3 months has been somewhat of a blur:

Great support


All the press below for their help in promoting not only my Challenge but the Karen Green Foundation

And to everyone who is taking time out of there busy lives to read my rants and moans either on this blog, Facebook or Twitter as I run down this 3000km.

Thanks Guys 🙂


4 thoughts on “Time for a big thank you (Week 11 Review)

  1. Brendon – I have followed yr progress avidly for the last 3 months even if I haven’t commented on every post. Max respect for what you are doing. Keep up the great work. I like running in the rain too. I thought I was weird, but I am obviously not alone!!

    • Cheers mate very much appreciated, However much I like running in the rain though I wish spring would hurry up horrible run in the snow this morning 😦

  2. Keep up the amazing work! I keep up with what you do via running bug. You certainly have some amazing support behind you as well which must be a good motivator.

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