Run #87 Hardest 5km ever

Really hard 5km today after feeling really ill all day

Total completed: 691km

Total remaining 2309km

4 thoughts on “Run #87 Hardest 5km ever

  1. Sorry to hear that. This is the kind of thing that worries me. Do we help or hurt ourselves during these times? Run your minimum; lots if water and vitamins. I need these daily updates!

    • This was probably 90% my own fault Kristen, I was at work all day went home had a slice of toast and then did a 1hour hard coached swim session and a 9km run. I got home had some tea and felt fine. But when I woke in the morning I was completely wiped out I was in major calorie deficit. I spent the day in bed my temp hit 39c and just concentrated on refueling. I am in much better shape today and I’m going to be taking it easy over the next couple of days with some slow paced 5km runs. A major lesson learnt though ‘don’t take nutrition for granted’

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