Walking a nutritional tightrope (Week 13 Review)

Total completed 725km

Total remaining 2275km

Total raised £1510

So this week saw me heading towards the end of March and the end of the first quarter of my challenge, and as I look back and can’t quite believe I have run for nearly 100 days straight. I had really been hoping to end this first quarter on a high and put myself firmly ahead of my target pace but a couple of bad nutrition decisions soon put pay to that in rather spectacular style.

1e8fbd40361f4ed19eaa775ee6e909f0On the Wednesday evening I missed my morning run with the intention of doing my coached swim with Absolute Triathlon Club and then running home after. Now I know this is all going to sound really stupid and as I am typing it I am shaking my head in disbelief, but here goes. As I was not getting home until after 6pm and I would have to leave for swimming at 7:30 I decided it would be a great idea to have my tea after I had done my swim and run (what an idiot) So I headed off to my swim with the sum total of a cup of tea and a slice of fruit toast to fuel me Since my lunch at 12:30 (clever eh ?)

So I met up with the guys at Southglade pool we had a few laughs and then headed to the pool. It was really nice to get a good solid and structured session back under my belt and although I didn’t make the full session (I had to bail out of the the last 2 of a 4 x 200m set after a very slight pull in my calf). I stayed back for a short time and had a good chat with Some of the guys and answered some questions from a couple of the Absolute tristars (Absolute Triathlon kids club) who were really interested in what I was doing which I thought was really nice. I had planned on doing a short 5km back home but as I felt quite fresh (surprisingly) I decided to tag on a little more and bring it nearer to 10km. As I ran there were no problems at all and no clue as to what was going to happen. I got home logged my run and had a really nice tea of Chorizo and mixed beans, feeling nice and full and all ready for the following day I headed to bed.

I knew something was not right when I woke up at about 2am thinking bloody hell I am hungry,  I just wish I had got up then and just had something, anything to eat but instead I just turned over and went back to sleep. When my alarm went off at 5am I felt like death (worse than normal at 5am :-P) I dragged myself up out of bed and headed downstairs feeling pretty ropey. I had planned on a short 5km run in the morning in preparation for a return to my long run on Friday but it became very apparent that this was not going to happen. I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea and a couple of slices of fruit toast and just looked at it, I couldn’t stomach it and even the smell of it was turning my stomach. I was stuck in a real catch 22 I felt sick because I had not eaten enough but because I felt so sick I just couldn’t eat anything. I had a pathetic nibble at a corner of a slice and headed off to work. I quickly realized that this was not a good idea as I fell asleep on the bus into town and then again on the train to work, I lasted about an hour at work before I threw the towel in and left having to do the return trip back home.


By the time I got back I was not good at all, I fell through the door and headed off to get a bath to try and warm myself up, but I just couldn’t get warm, I felt sick and I just had no energy so I crawled into bed and just tried to get some sleep. I have felt like I have been running on fumes before but this was different it felt as though an energy vampire had attacked me in the night and sucked every last drop of energy I had , my get up and go and got up and gone.

giftbox-cutoutLuckily Tash had been to the shops and bought a bounty of treats that previously had been banned from my nutrition plan, but this is what I needed high calorie, high energy foods so I lay in bed nibbling on a steady flow of peanut brittle and snickers topped up with plenty of cups of tea and water.

After about 2-3 hours of rest I got to the point where I could stomach a couple of paracetemol which was good as my temperature was now edging past 39c (102f). I fell back asleep and didn’t wake again until 7pm and I felt so much better I had been really panicking about how I was going to do my 5km for the day and I had decided that at worst I was just going to have to drag myself out and walk it, and at best I was going to have to jog/walk it. But as every minute went by I was feeling better and better I managed to get some carbs into me and at about 8:30 decided now was as good a time as any to get out there and hit the roads. It was the hardest 5km that I have ever done and it took me just over double my 5km pb time (41mins) but I did it and a ran nearly 90% of it.

I made a promise to myself and to Tash that evening that I would keep a very strong focus on my nutrition in future and that I will finish the month off with a good solid block of 5-6km runs, and that is what I have done I have not felt great but I have been running and ticking the km’s off I am behind where I need to be (about 25km) but I have a long time to eek that back and as I write this I am full of confidence that April will be a great month and if it’s not I know I can pretty much battle through anything this challenge throws at me, through sheer bloody mindedness and the great support from you guys out there. Support which now has my fundraising total passed £1500 and my distance at 725km’s I really do know some great, great people 🙂


5 thoughts on “Walking a nutritional tightrope (Week 13 Review)

  1. This is just what I felt like on Sunday after my Saturday morning 10-miler (and a busy day that followed with not much food). It was Easter morning and the smell of the chocolate treats my kids got in the baskets was awful. It took a few days to bounce back, too, so I’ve only logged short runs lately. The end of March was rough. Here’s a good April!

    (You must depend on tea the way I depend on coffee.) 🙂

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