No point in building on foundations of sand (Week 14 review)

Total completed 775km

Total remaining 2225km

Total raised £1520

Following on from last weeks Nutrition mistakes I continued to take things easier concentrating on building my strength and in turn my distances throughout the week. As I headed through to the weekend I started to feel like my old self again and as I hit Friday I made the decision to start back on the double figure runs a 13km and a 11km run then followed, backed up by a solid 8km on the Sunday. It felt so good to be back above my daily average and once more eating into the 30km deficit that I had built up through my self imposed 5-6km run week.

With my nutrition brought very much into focus I have decided to keep a food diary along with Kristen Reese a fellow 2013 run streaker from Pennsylvania in the US (Check out her blog here I am hoping that this will help me keep a really good focus on what is going into my body as well as what I am burning off. I am starting this from 08/04/2013 so I will be posting this on my blog from 09/04/2013. Please do check both mine and Kristens food diaries out and please any feedback, tips, receipes etc will be gratefully received.

Anyway back to running, as mentioned in a previous post I had started to get very bored and demotivated with my run routes Trail to Mill Lakes But I am pleased and relieved to announce that my Change of routes has really helped freshen things up for me and has given me renewed motivation to get out there and run. As I was running up to Mill Lakes at the weekend I was just kicking myself that I had not done this earlier. It is so easy to shut a run down at 5km when you are bored I can come up with all sorts of excuses and it is amazing how your mind can make the smallest niggle feel like you can’t and shouldn’t run anymore. But on the flipside it is also equally easy to extend a run when you are enthused by your route or when it is something as simple as just that you look forward to getting out and running.

So next week will bring up my centenary run and I am really looking forward to my letter from the queen :–P.  More importantly though I have been promised a limerick from Alexandra Brown from the running bug. Have no fear people I shall share it with you next week until then happy running and check out my Food diary


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