Its only run #100 hurray

Courtesy of Heidi Strickland-Clark

Picture by Heidi Strickland-Clark

Run #100 a nice and steady 8km slight pull in calf prevented me from pushing past 800km

Total completed 795km

Total remaining 2205km

And as promised by Alexandra Brown on the Running Bug here is my 100th run poem:

Lehorse, lehorse, you gallop of course, you bike and you swim and you run.

Week by week you do log, your progress on your blog; sometimes it does not seem such fun.

But this run, you have done (today, by the way) is your one hundredth run day in a row.

All those aches, all that pain, being drowned in the rain, you have run come the sun, hail or snow.

Oh your cause, we applause, the Karen Green Foundation; for them you’ll run 3,000 Ks.

With wife Tash in support, we all know that you ought, to SMASH it and all us amaze.

So 3 cheers for you, you’ve survived the man flu, you’ve done 100 days on the trot.

It’s onwards & upwards and forwards (not backwards). Can you ever be stopped?…YOU CANNOT!!!




4 thoughts on “Its only run #100 hurray

  1. Congratulations on 100 straight runs. An evening of celebration and then onto the next 100. Are you drinking at all during this quest? I love the poem!!

  2. Cheers yeah the poem is great isn’t it. Drinking wise I cut drink out 100% last year when training for the Outlaw Triathlon but I am having the odd pint or glass of wine now. Have my Cousins stag do in Dublin in May so better have my best drinking trousers on for that weekend they are going to be some really hard morning runs.

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