A week of highs and the lowest of lows (week 15 review)

Total completed 831km

Total remaining 2169km

Total raised £1520

During run #100 I was hoping to get past the 800k mark today but at the turnaround point of my run I had a spasm in my right calf, I stopped and stretched it out and everything seem ok for about a km and then it went again damn it. I should have stopped then shut the run down and walked home but I didn’t. I sort of run hobbled back which in turn started to then cause tightness in my ankle ligaments 😦 I got home and stretched the hell out of my calf, did the old alphabet trick with the ankle, beat the living daylights out of myself with my foam roller and then smothered with deep heat and compressed, sounds a lot like a recipe lol. I then took 5mins to log my run on the running bug. Today was a very important day as not only was it my 100th run but I had been promised a poem from a fellow bug Alexandra Brown, and I was not to be disappointed check out her great poem here https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/its-only-run-100-hurray/ But alas the 800km had to wait another day. But not too long as I passed it with a whimper on run #101 a very slow 5km with a heavily strapped calf and ankle hurray and boooooo all at the same time.

very-inspiring-blogger-awardThe following morning I got a really nice surprise when I opened my twitter account and saw that I had been nominated for not one but two blogging awards https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/ive-been-nominated-for-two-blog-awards-by-caroline-thomas/  you could say I was slightly surprised. When I started out on this journey I viewed the fact that I had to do a blog and a daily and weekly post as a bit of a bind, it was not something I felt comfortable doing, “why the hell would anyone care what I have to say really?” But I viewed it as a necessaryversatileblogger111 evil. So when someone actually takes the time to say hey we really enjoy your blog it really does mean a lot to me so thank you not only to Caroline who nominated me for these awards but also to everyone who follows and comments on my blog. There we go that’s my Oscarish speech done and dusted (tears and all)

As I progressed into the week my calf started to feel a little more stable, and good news to as I have a big problem running with my calf compressed. It causes me major problems with my Tibialis anterior muscle  as documented in my earlier post https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/from-heaven-to-hell-and-half-way-back-again-week-2-review/  but run #102 was an easy 6km, still strapped up but much better and then by #103 & #104 I was back up to 8km + and pain free phew.

Run #105 was a pretty uneventful 10km run but what I witnessed when I returned home was anything but. As I logged my run I had one eye on Sky Sports News as the first reports were coming in of the cowardly attacks on spectators and runners during the closing stages of the Boston Marathon. I just sat there numb as I watched the footage which I am sure you have all now seen of the first and second bombs exploding, at a time when people are either celebrating completing a life goal or cheering on loved ones and strangers, both proud and in awe of their achievement.

Since that day I have read and seen numerous accounts of what occurred and the single constant is the bravery of the race marshals, Police, Medical staff, Fire service and members of the public who rushed in to help those injured and killed without any concern that there may be further devices ready to be detonated, heroes every last one of them, and then the pride I felt to see how the running community/family has pulled together to show our support for all those affected by these terrible events,

I know that the run is in next week’s total but I have dedicated run #106 to all those effected by the events in Boston https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/run-106/



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