Hunting down 1000km with Team GB’s Mr G (Week 16 review)

Total completed 895km

Total remaining 2105km

Total Raised £1550

Well here I am in week 16 and hunting down 1000km, and with the end of the First quarter bearing down on me I have felt a little more pressure then usual to get myself back on track and either hit or get damn close to hitting that 1000km by the end of April. As it stands this will take a daily average of about 10km, so not impossible but I am not going to be too down on myself if I hit it a run or two after schedule. This though was the week were I planned to get some serious distance in. I am feeling pretty fit at the mo, the calf and ankle issues of last week are long gone and with the optimistic forecast weatherwise I am ready to take full advantage and hit it hard.

Highfields lake

Highfields lake

So start off as you mean to go on with a nice early morning 10km followed by a 6km recovery prep run with a view to adding my long run home back into the mix on the Friday, a nice 18km run which I can easily increase to a HM 21km if feeling fresh.The run went well but I took it at a very steady pace 9:46 min/mi / 6:04 min/km not only as I wanted to get this run in and by injury free and fresh for the remainder of the weekend, but I also had one eye on Saturdays run which was a 10km run up to Mill Lakes with Karl Glendenning a newly qualified member of the GB AG Triathlon Team, you can check out Karl’s journey to team GB qualification here at Turkey-here-I-come . So I got the run done, and I resisted the temptation to extend to the 21km and shut it down at 18km very happy that I finished injury free and with what felt like plenty of miles left in the tank hurray.

Saturday morning and I had to be up nice and early as Harrison had his swimming lesson booked in for midday and I had to take a morning ride up to Langdale Lightweights and meet up with Mick Green and Jayne Lloyd from The Karen Green Foundation, to not only pick up my Karen Green kit but also to record an update on how I am progressing with the challenge, which I shall post when it is finished being edited ( I think there were about 4 takes so the bloopers should be quite funny)

Karl Glenndening, Team GB Triathlete and Top Guy

Karl Glenndening, Team GB Triathlete and Top Guy

So kit collected and Harrison dunked in the pool, doing his first moving underwater release (I think it was more scary for me than him lol) I got myself ready for my 10km run up to Mill Lakes. My legs felt surprisingly fresh as we headed out on Run #110 on what turned out to be a really enjoyable 10km with Karl. Not that I should be surprised as he is a top top guy and as mentioned in Karls blog we basically discussed in what differing ways we are both falling to pieces and put the world to rights while running in the sunshine, does it get much better than that ?? I followed Saturdays great run out with a nice and steady recovery run bringing my week total to a pretty healthy 64km.

I finished off the week with a really nice chat with Nat Lucas from who very kindly will be publishing the story of what I am doing, why I am doing it and helping me to promote the  its due to be published in June. So I shall post it on here when it is out.

So then thats about it I am really happy with what I have done this week (64km)I am still feeling strong and fit so hopefully will smash it next week, have a coached swim session on Wednesday though must remember to eat this time lol.

Well that’s me thanks for checking my blog out and see you all soon.


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