The 1000th km week (week 18 review)

Total completed this week 70km

Total completed 1027km

Total remaining 1973km

Total raised £1650

Sorry this is late guys been super busy this week. So here we go, I started week 18 with one thing on my mind and that was to hit 1000km, running-wise nothing else mattered to me apart from that. I had targeted my Friday long run as the one that was going to take me there and so I really just concentrated on coasting to that run,  I even put my swim on the back burner for this week as I just did not want to take any risks. I have still been riding 25miles a day though as I find this really does help stretch out my legs after a run.

So I got to Friday with a couple of 6km and 8km runs, knowing that I only had to pass 14km to hit the 1000 goal and as I was running home on an 18km route I had to do it or sleep under a bush halfway home 🙂 . I got up in the morning feeling fit healthy and ready to go, this is the first run for a while now where I have been itching to get out there, yes I enjoy running but to be honest after 120+ runs on the trot it does sort of lose its shine. This though was different and I pretty much counted down the minutes from lunch until I finished work at 5pm. I got myself ready, stretched out and warmed up then headed off home. It was a great day for a run, dry and warm and as hoped it went 100% according to plan. I paused at 14km the magic 1000km done and took a rather sensible photo.

The 1000km of 365days3000km

The 1000km of 365days3000km

I then headed off to finish the final 4 km. When I got home I was greeted by Tash with a chilled bottle of Bubbly and a chocolate cake does it get much better than that?? Top tip though don’t rehydrate on Presecco you get rather drunk rather quickly, the cake certainly helped balance it out though 🙂

1000km, cake and bubbly oh yeah

1000km, cake and bubbly oh yeah

To follow I dropped in a couple of short 6km runs to get some strength back into the legs, with the intention of putting in another long run on the Monday. Slight change of plan though as we had a bank holiday here in the UK so my usual route home was a non-starter. Instead we spent a lovely day at Wollaton park (scene of run #1)  having a picnic and walk around the lake on a beautifully sunny day.

Lovely Picnic with tash and Harrsion

Lovely Picnic with Tash and Harrsion

As it had been pretty toastie during the day I decided to leave it until late in the afternoon and take a sunset run up to Mill Lakes, and what a great decision that was. The weather was perfect, not a breath of wind and the temperature had dropped enough so that it was a really comfortable run, and as a cherry on top of a fab day I had a great sunset as I circled the lake midway through my run.

Sun setting on Mill lakes

Sun setting on Mill lakes

As a little side note nachthawk (a fellow runner based in Germany) and I have agreed on a little challenge – to run 275km this month. This hopefully will push me on to be ahead of my required daily average by the end of the month. Click on the previous link to check out how he is getting on. So that’s me for another week better get out there for a run.


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