From Pink to Green (Week 20 review)

Weekly Total 59km

Total completed 1147km

Total remaining 1853km

Total raised £1650

Sorry guys have been so busy this week, cannot believe it is Thursday already. Right so what happened last week.

Thankfully the issues I had the previous week with my sciatic nerve have finally gone, the combination of some great stretches and a course of Ibuprofen did the trick so massive phew. So with my back issues behind me (pardon the pun) I pressed on with getting some more km’s under my belt, with the intention to once again log a long run on the Friday. This Friday run has become very important in keeping me in touch with my target pace, and in fact this week would take me just ahead of where I need to be. This weeks run though was critical as I knew that a long run next Friday would be a non starter as I was flying out Friday morning to Dublin on a 3 day stag do, so runs while there are going to be interesting and 5km’s.

But anyway back to this week, I had an extra little spring in my step for Wednesdays run not only had my back problems cleared 100% but my eagerly awaited Paul Smith Giro d’Italia Maglia Rosa had been delivered that morning and I had been sent a photo by Tash that had teased me all day.

Paul Smith box

Paul Smith box

So when the clock ticked over to 5pm that was me off straight into my runners and gone. I polished off the 8km run home via highfields park and claimed my prize, and an 8km run home is far easier than having to lead the GC at the Giro or even do a stage (see below)

Giro d'Italia Stage 19 Profile

Giro d’Italia Stage 19 Profile

So Fridays run was completed a nice 21km in a very unspectacular 1:58:14 with no real issues at all. It was not until I headed out on my subsequent recovery runs on Saturday and Sunday that I realised that I had probably burnt a few to many matches over the past couple of weeks. I think with having my focus diverted slightly to this 275km monthly challenge with Nachthawk I had pushed a little too hard. I had already banked 180km so far in the month, at an average of 9km’s per day and it was starting to take its toll. I decided that for the following weeks runs I would back it off a little and drop down to 6km and 8km max runs and try and get some gas back into the tank.



So next weeks runs are likely to be on the shorter side but with a 3 day stag weekend in Dublin I am pretty sure there are going to be some interesting runs and stories to follow so tune in next week.


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