How to run 5km a day while on a Stag Weekend in Dublin (Week 21 review)

Weekly Total 38km

Total completed 1185km

Total remaining 1815km

Total raised £1683

Really low mileage week, this week caused mainly by a stag weekend in Dublin so not much happened run related, so I shall regal you with stories of my long weekend with a couple of very very hard hungover runs thrown in (not up) for good measure.

Because of traveling to Dublin and then almost certainly heading straight out on the beer I knew that I would have to do my run before I went to the airport, no major problem there then well apart from the fact that my plane departed at 6:30 am, so I had to leave for the airport at 4:15 am bugger so that’s a 2:15 am run for me then happy days. And so it was the man who used to hate getting up and doing a morning run got up at 2am slowly pulled on his kit and then slowly took it off and put it back on again the right way round and then plodded out of the door quite literally on my own. I did an easy 5km and didn’t see a soul not even a drunken party goer (well they were probably all in the club still)

So I got back home jumped in the shower and as I got out heard my brother coming through the front so half dried I threw my clothes on,  the right way round first time hurray, necked a cup of tea and headed out of the door only to turn around and come back 5 minutes later as I had forgotten my Garmin  charger doh. I won’t bore you with airport stuff but needless to say we got there – we got through security – we got on the plane – and the plane got us to Dublin

We met up with the rest of our group at 12 midday and the carnage began. We got our stag ready and headed off to the Guinness Brewery (where else) I am pretty sure it must have been the fastest tour ever as we basically walked up the stairs and then into the lift to the bar at the top of the building to sample our ‘free’ pint of Guinness that really cost about 15 euros but hey ho.


This trip to the brewery started the rapid descent into drunken behaviour that I will not put down in print needless to say A LOT of guiness was consumed (see below)


The following morning I got up with a pretty thick head but managed to drag myself out of bed into the shower and then out for my run well I say run its was more like a jog, stop breath drink some water jog abit more stop sigh a lot take a pic drink some water walk abit and jog some more but 5km was done and I was happy  and proud of myself for getting out there and getting it done well at least I got up …………………..

My Brother Dying

My Brother Dying

After breakfast we headed off to the Curragh for a day at the races and what a cracking day it was. I managed to get a couple of winners but as with probably 99% of the people there left with a slightly lighter wallet but well fed and watered (well wined)


The day was completed in perfect style with again far too much guinness consumed (there are other alcoholic beverages available) and a win for Nottingham’s own Carl ‘the Cobra’ Froch in a fantastic fight against Mikkel Kessler at the O2 Arena in London.

Carl 'The Cobra' Froch

Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch

Sunday mornings run was a completely different to Saturdays I am not sure if it was just that I had not been up since 2am or whether I was still Drunk (probably a bit of both) but I had a really nice 5km run along the Liffey into Dublin Centre and back again to the hotel for a cracking breakfast and a nice steady day walking round Dublin until our flight back into Nottingham at 10pm (yes we went to the bars)



So not a massive amount of distance covered running wise this week and yes I am now behind a little but hey I had a great weekend, still got the min required in and the sun is out 🙂


One thought on “How to run 5km a day while on a Stag Weekend in Dublin (Week 21 review)

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Good on you for getting up a 2.00am to go running – I thought I had done some early morning runs, but never one at that hour!!

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