Run #155

Run #155

Run #155

Really starting to struggle to get the motivation to get up and get out I am hoping that it is a blip so will be chucking in a long run tomorrow in the hope that it gives me the kick up the backside I need.

Run #155 6km

Total completed 1252km

Total remaining 1748km


4 thoughts on “Run #155

  1. I had motivation issues last month. I just couldn’t get beyond short runs. This month I’m doing 5ks with one weekend long run. I’m going to focus on things like speed, cross training and form, and hope to regain my motivation in July. Hang in there. I think we’ll see these blips of low motivation again…

    • Its horrible isn’t it that was defo my problems was just stuck at 5 and 6k runs and just couldn’t push on. So glad I forced myself out and did that long 24km it really has relit the touch paper

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