Run #359

Merry Christmas everyone down in Redditch for Christmas so no access to Garmin connect so no up to date stats just that I did 5.06km


Run #358

Nice and steady Christmas Eve recovery 6.54km’s run

Total completed 2940.54km

Total remaining 59.46km

Current daily avg: 8.21km

Required daily avg: 8.49km

Run #356

11.15km’s for run #356 means a 30km weekend and at last I feel I have broken the back of this challenge

Total completed 2925.35km

Total remaining 74.65km

Current daily avg: 8.22km

Required daily avg: 8.29km

Run #355

Slightly longer one today with a steady 18.57km’s  powered by the Christmas power of Quality streets nice

Christmas Nutrition

Christmas Nutrition


Total completed 2914.20km

Total remaining 85.8km

Current daily avg: 8.21km

Required Daily avg 8.58km

9.19kms for run #353

Just for the record, because a couple of times I have done two runs in a day during the year I have now done 365 runs this year but hey still 12 days to go and a couple of km’s too.

Total completed 2888.44km’s

Total remaining 111.56km’s

Current daily avg: 8.18km

Required daily avg: 9.29km