Today was supposed to be a double run day but I have a small pain in my right foot but to be brutaly honest I really can’t be arsed, but the 5.01kms I did today was fab. Myself and the guys from Absolute Tri took over The Parkrun at Forest rec and had a great time, a solid run, plenty of cake eaten (top cake Mr Mannington need the receipe) and more cash raised for this fantastic cause £66.88 in total …. Thank you so much everyone.

A few pics from the day courtesy of Deb Faulkner of




Total completed 2836.46km

Total remaining 163.54km

Current daily avg 8.15km

Required daily avg 9.62km

Total raised £2327.29


Run #347

Short one tonight 5.47km for #347 double portions tomorrow

Total completed 2831.45km

Total remaining 168.55km

Current daily avg 8.16km

Required daily avg 9.36km