Run #346

Run #346 and a 8.02km to add to the running (haha) total

Total completed 2825.98km

Total remaining 174.02km

Current daily avg 8.17km

Required Daily avg 9.16km


Run #344

Steady 8.19km recovery run tonight for #344

Total completed 2808.92km

Total remaining 191.08km

Current daily avg: 8.17km

Required daily avg: 9.10km

Run #334 and the up-to-date stats

So a solid 8km’s for run #334 means another month done and dusted and only one more to go ahhhhhhh that’s sounds so good, 290km’s doesn’t though hey ho that’s how the cookie crumble no winging just time to dig deep and crack on. So here are the up to date stats from Garmin and for the last month I will run the exact figures (incl dec places) day to day showing exactly where I am and where I need to be.

Stats for November

Stats for November


So I managed 217.32 km’s this month and considering I have spent the month fighting through injury I am just pleased to still be running and in with a shot of finishing – They will have to chop my bloody legs off to stop me now ;-P




Year to date figures

Year to date figures


So this is where I am and where I need to be is 3000km’s to do this I am now going to have to run 289.86 km’s thats an average of 9.35 km’s per day easy peasey lemon sueezey.