Crack the Champers thats 3000.8km’s in 365 days DONE !!!!!!!!


Well that’s it 3000km done in 365 days running an avg of +8 km’s every day of the year. Just want to say a quick thankyou to everyone who has supported me this year (you know who you are) I will be posting a full review of this year in the next couple of days but for now the bottle is calling so Hope you all have a fantastic new year …… Who’s for 3000km next year I dare you lol


Total completed 3000.80km

Total remaining FOOOK all

Me Mick Green and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham

Me Mick Green and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham




Today was supposed to be a double run day but I have a small pain in my right foot but to be brutaly honest I really can’t be arsed, but the 5.01kms I did today was fab. Myself and the guys from Absolute Tri took over The Parkrun at Forest rec and had a great time, a solid run, plenty of cake eaten (top cake Mr Mannington need the receipe) and more cash raised for this fantastic cause £66.88 in total …. Thank you so much everyone.

A few pics from the day courtesy of Deb Faulkner of




Total completed 2836.46km

Total remaining 163.54km

Current daily avg 8.15km

Required daily avg 9.62km

Total raised £2327.29

Run #341

Morning 10.43km run in the early morning sunshine now bring on 7pm and the club awards / piss up night

Total completed 2782.33km

Total remaining 217.67km

Current daily avg 8.16

Required daily avg  9.07km

Run #310 and video update

Great meeting with Jayne from the Karen Green Foundation today (see video link with below) followed by run #310 in the rain……. lovely.

Total completed 2526km

Total remaining 474km