2 runs for #170

A split 12km run tonight to A therapy to pick up my Orthotics from Carl

Total completed 1383km

Total remaining 1617km




Run #142 & beaten up by Carl :-P

Great but painful (I am a wimp) session with Carl at A therapy tonight followed by a lumpy 6km run home calves lovely and freed up

Total completed 1159km

Total remaining 1841km


A right pain in the backside, well the left actually (Week 19 review)

Weekly total 60km

Total completed 1088km

Total remaining 1912km

Total raised £1650

The week started really nicely with an 8km morning run in the sunshine, the perfect way to follow such a great bank holiday weekend. I backed this up with 2 6km runs in prep for my weekly 18km run home

I had woken up on the Friday morning with a dull ache across the base of my back as I had not done anything obvious to have caused an injury I put it down to sleeping funny, so I packed my kit and headed off to work. As the day progressed my back got worse and worse to the point where I had the water bottle off my bike full of hot water and strapped to my back this alongside some stretching in an empty office and a couple of hits of Ibuprofen did help to ease it off and so probably against every single shred of advice out there I headed off on my run home. I made sure that I had cash on me so I could jump on a bus or call a cab home should my back get too bad to run (see not completely stupid). The weirdest thing though as I started the run I grimaced like the way you do when you know that something is going to hurt but you can’t do anything about it, but there was no pain, nothing. As I progressed further and further into the run my back freed up completely and I ran a pretty easy 18km. As soon as I stopped and sat down though the ache came back so I ran a hot bath and soaked until the water cooled hoping that that would be an end to it

sciaticabodyUnfortunately the following morning the pain was still there so I made the decision to drop my runs down to 5km for the next couple and see how my back held up. But yet again as soon as I started running the pain just disappeared and then when I stopped it started to return. Over the next couple of days the pain started to be 90% focused on my left side running from the base of my back through my left buttock and down my leg giving me sharp twinges in my knee and calf and as soon as the pain reached my foot I realized that what I had done was inflame my sciatic nerve. I decided to start on some more focused stretching on that area and run through a course of Ibuprofen in an attempt to help bring the inflammation down. I found a great stretch online which I thought I would share with you as it really has had very quick results for me in easing the pain, so check out the link below:

The one really disappointing thing caused by this back pain was that I was due to go out on a really nice brick session with Karl Glendenning on the Saturday. A 30-40 Miles bike ride up to Southwell taking in Oxton Bank (a real leg burner of a climb) and then a 10km run up to either Mill Lakes or Bestwood park. But due to the fact that I have quite an aggressive setup on my bike meaning the ride had the potential to tear my back to pieces so I had to postpone that for another day 😦  gutted especially as it was set to be the maiden voyage for my new bike (this pic is before being setup btw).

Merida Race Lite 904

Merida Race Lite 904

One thing that I did see in regards to helping my back pain, which came as a massive relief was that one of the best things that I could do was to stay active. So while I was not going to do any long runs (18km/21km) until the pain had gone all together, it looked as though as long as I was running pain free the 6km/8km/10km runs were still ok to do … Phew massive relief. So I cut my Monday run form 18km down to 9km and headed into a new week optimistic that another potential injury banana skin has been successfully avoided and if not Carl Dunstan at A therapy will have to weave his magic and fix me …… Again!!

Oh and before I forget in my race to 275km this month with nachthawk I am sitting at 118km an avg of 9.07km per day putting me a tad ahead of target. If you want to know how Nachthawk is doing, well you will have to check out his blog 😉

Keep healthy and happy guys and speak again next week

Time for a big thank you (Week 11 Review)

Not really sure what to write for this weeks post. I am really glad that I have got over that Wall I ran head long into last week and I have been really pleased with how solid, if not spectacular this week has been. Yes I have had to run in a bit of snow and rain, I do like running in the rain though and I have passed 600km but it has been another week were I have steadily got on with what I have had to do with nothing really noteworthy happening. So what I have decided to do is give you the bare bone facts

Total completed 613km

Total remaining 2387km

Total raised £1335

There you go, and use this as an opportunity to just say a big thank you to some people who have really helped me so far through this challenge. So in no particular order and if I have missed anyone I am sorry but this 3 months has been somewhat of a blur:

Great support


All the press below for their help in promoting not only my Challenge but the Karen Green Foundation

And to everyone who is taking time out of there busy lives to read my rants and moans either on this blog, Facebook or Twitter as I run down this 3000km.

Thanks Guys 🙂

Performance Matrix by Atherapy

As mentioned in a previous post https://365days3000km.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/birthday-with-man-flu-week-4-review/ . Atherapy have been kind enough to offer there services in regards to keeping me in one moving piece throughout my challenge this year, and back in January I visited Carl Dunstan to have a performance matrix done.

I mentioned at the time that I would upload the matrix and the findings once I had it from Carl. I have infact had this for a while now and I will be honest I forgot to post it (I am pretty sure you have all not lost too much sleep waiting) But anyway for those interested here are the findings and once again a massive thanks to Carl and Atherapy for keeping me in one moving piece.


Brendon Birch – Matrix 1

Brendon Birch – Matrix Ex’s 1

Birthday with Man Flu :-( Week 4 review

Total completed 193km

Total remaining 2807km

Total raised £1120

Week 4 and my Birthday week, as mentioned last week I was hoping to start running in the early mornings this week. I had planned a nice easy transition into it. I had the Monday and Tuesday off work so thought I would go mid morning on the Monday and then early morning on the Tuesday. The Monday run went great I hit 8km which meant I had got back to back 8km for the first time since my shin problems happy days.

I went to bed Monday night all ready for the morning run and woke up with a major dose of Man Flu, how crappy is that not only had it screwed my entire plan but had scuppered my Birthday celebrations.


I will admit now that I am the world’s worst ill person even the slightest cold has me mopping around like a grumpy old man, ok well a more grumpier than usual and a year older man 😦 .  I am not sure why I feel so sorry for myself it’s my wife I should feel sorry for she has to live with me through this near death man flu experience (well sore throat and snuffly nose shhhhhh). People had said to me when I said I was going to be doing this challenge “what are you going to do when you’re sick” Well I can now answer your question. What I will do is bitch and moan about the fact that I didn’t give myself any rest days haul my Vicks Vaper Rub soaked kit on while grumbling about how ill I am and that I am sure this is the run that will spell the end of me, farewell world blah blah blah and then much to Tash’s relief leave the house.

After all my whining it was in fact the best thing I could have done (I can sense Tash nodding as I am typing this) I don’t mean just leaving the house but going for that run did wonders. It took a couple of kilometres but my head started to clear and I just felt a lot better and what started off as a let’s just get 5km done and then back home have a cup of tea and a mope turned into a really good 8km run….. Hurray

Wednesday evening and I had an appointment with Carl Dunstan at http://www.a-therapy.co.uk/ in Nottingham for a full body performance matrix . I have been going to Carl since I had issues with my calves last season and he really did sort me out and helped get me through the Outlaw. So I was chuffed to bits when Carl mentioned that A therapy would be willing to help me stay in one working piece during this years challenge. The timing could not have been better as I was starting to get concerns as to why I was having a really up and down start to this challenge. During the session I had a real good chat with Carl we went through my Pre and Post run routines which thankfully were pretty well received and then onto the actual performance matrix.

This went pretty much as expected I have always had issues with my feet leading to the orthotics Carl sorted me with last season and so obviosly this came up as a major area of concern. The 2 other areas were my shouders and hips, and due to a number of motorcycle crashes I knew that there would be an issue there. So I ended up on 17/50 (low scores are good) So very pleased with that and it has given me renewed confidence that I can succeed in hitting my goal. (I will upload the full report when I get it)

I had decided to run back home after my visit to Carl and what a mistake that was. I had not given it much advanced thought and realised as I set off that I would have at least 2 pretty sizable hills and that I had not done

  1. Any of my pre run routine
  2. Had any proper Nutrition (solids or liquid)

I was very soon suffering and luckily for once the ice was that bad on some of the downhill sections that I had to walk down them and I really needed to as I was struggling bad I got home and just collapsed. Isn’t it annoying when you are told yep your in pretty good nick and yep your doing everything right and then you head off ignoring everything you’ve been doing and everything you have been told and run yourself into the ground……. IDIOT !!!!!!!!


Well that was a very painful lesson learnt, luckily though I got a great present for my Birthday “Epsom salts” and following a good soak and then some pretty hardcore massaging on my calves, ankles and feet followed by a liberal coating of deep heat and then compression things started to feel much better. The next couple of runs have shown that I have been lucky not to have had any issues following my stupidity. So proof that if you have a plan that is working stick to it.

As I headed into the weekend the the snow had started to go and one heavy downpour on Saturday night completely cleared it. The snow for me had been great and had been a massive help when I was struggling through the pain. But once it had starting going from Ice into Slush it was just a bloody nightmare, so to run on clear paths again was a joy and it was so nice to get back into double figures on both Saturdays and Sundays runs.

Next week I will be attempting to move onto morning runs again (fingers crossed) and it will also see me smash through 200km. The actual end of month target is 254km but with 4 runs left  I am hoping to get as close as possible. But with all that has happened this month just to be close is a great feeling.