Crack the Champers thats 3000.8km’s in 365 days DONE !!!!!!!!


Well that’s it 3000km done in 365 days running an avg of +8 km’s every day of the year. Just want to say a quick thankyou to everyone who has supported me this year (you know who you are) I will be posting a full review of this year in the next couple of days but for now the bottle is calling so Hope you all have a fantastic new year …… Who’s for 3000km next year I dare you lol


Total completed 3000.80km

Total remaining FOOOK all

Me Mick Green and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham

Me Mick Green and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham



Run #364

Out for the penultimate run, a cold, wet and windy 11.54km’s but only one left now wahoooo and £3296 raised for a fantastic cause

Total completed 2994.33km

Total remaining 5.67km

Current daily avg : 8.23km

Required daily avg: 5.67km


Run #363

Midday run today a steady 12.73km for #363 only 2 to go

Total completed 2982.79km

Total remaining 17.21km

Current daily avg: 8.22km

Required daily avg: 8.6km


362 down 3 to go :-)

Run 362 a steady 10.88km’s was despatched mid morning and leaves only 3 runs to do ……. bliss

Total completed 2970.06km

Total remaining 29.94km

Current daily avg: 8.20km

Required daily avg: 9.98km


Run #361

Well I am being made to work for this again picked up a corker of a cold and chesty cough over Christmas out for a lung burning 7.95km run

Total completed 2959.18km

Total remaining 40.82km

Current daily avg: 8.20km

Required daily avg: 10.2km


Run #360

Hope you are all having a great festive time, this was my Boxing day 5.64lm run but due to lack of internet can only log it today so here you go



Run #358

Nice and steady Christmas Eve recovery 6.54km’s run

Total completed 2940.54km

Total remaining 59.46km

Current daily avg: 8.21km

Required daily avg: 8.49km