Half Ironman prep brick session for #220

Getting ready for the Vitruvian half Ironman at the end of the month and a solid prep brick session in the bag. A 50 mile ride out taking in Oxton bank, Southwell and Rufford Park followed by run #220 a 16km (almost) out and back to Wollaton Park.

Total completed 1807km

Total remaining 1193km



A right pain in the backside, well the left actually (Week 19 review)

Weekly total 60km

Total completed 1088km

Total remaining 1912km

Total raised £1650

The week started really nicely with an 8km morning run in the sunshine, the perfect way to follow such a great bank holiday weekend. I backed this up with 2 6km runs in prep for my weekly 18km run home

I had woken up on the Friday morning with a dull ache across the base of my back as I had not done anything obvious to have caused an injury I put it down to sleeping funny, so I packed my kit and headed off to work. As the day progressed my back got worse and worse to the point where I had the water bottle off my bike full of hot water and strapped to my back this alongside some stretching in an empty office and a couple of hits of Ibuprofen did help to ease it off and so probably against every single shred of advice out there I headed off on my run home. I made sure that I had cash on me so I could jump on a bus or call a cab home should my back get too bad to run (see not completely stupid). The weirdest thing though as I started the run I grimaced like the way you do when you know that something is going to hurt but you can’t do anything about it, but there was no pain, nothing. As I progressed further and further into the run my back freed up completely and I ran a pretty easy 18km. As soon as I stopped and sat down though the ache came back so I ran a hot bath and soaked until the water cooled hoping that that would be an end to it

sciaticabodyUnfortunately the following morning the pain was still there so I made the decision to drop my runs down to 5km for the next couple and see how my back held up. But yet again as soon as I started running the pain just disappeared and then when I stopped it started to return. Over the next couple of days the pain started to be 90% focused on my left side running from the base of my back through my left buttock and down my leg giving me sharp twinges in my knee and calf and as soon as the pain reached my foot I realized that what I had done was inflame my sciatic nerve. I decided to start on some more focused stretching on that area and run through a course of Ibuprofen in an attempt to help bring the inflammation down. I found a great stretch online which I thought I would share with you as it really has had very quick results for me in easing the pain, so check out the link below:

The one really disappointing thing caused by this back pain was that I was due to go out on a really nice brick session with Karl Glendenning on the Saturday. A 30-40 Miles bike ride up to Southwell taking in Oxton Bank (a real leg burner of a climb) and then a 10km run up to either Mill Lakes or Bestwood park. But due to the fact that I have quite an aggressive setup on my bike meaning the ride had the potential to tear my back to pieces so I had to postpone that for another day 😦  gutted especially as it was set to be the maiden voyage for my new bike (this pic is before being setup btw).

Merida Race Lite 904

Merida Race Lite 904

One thing that I did see in regards to helping my back pain, which came as a massive relief was that one of the best things that I could do was to stay active. So while I was not going to do any long runs (18km/21km) until the pain had gone all together, it looked as though as long as I was running pain free the 6km/8km/10km runs were still ok to do … Phew massive relief. So I cut my Monday run form 18km down to 9km and headed into a new week optimistic that another potential injury banana skin has been successfully avoided and if not Carl Dunstan at A therapy will have to weave his magic and fix me …… Again!!

Oh and before I forget in my race to 275km this month with nachthawk I am sitting at 118km an avg of 9.07km per day putting me a tad ahead of target. If you want to know how Nachthawk is doing, well you will have to check out his blog 😉

Keep healthy and happy guys and speak again next week