Run #112

Nice 8km run after solid recovery yesterday

Total completed 895km

Total remaining 2105km


Run #110 Really nice run out with Mr Karl Glendenning

Run #110 Really enjoyable 10km up to Mill Lakes with newly qualified Team GB Triathlete Karl Glendenning

Total completed 881km

Total remaining 2119km

A week of highs and the lowest of lows (week 15 review)

Total completed 831km

Total remaining 2169km

Total raised £1520

During run #100 I was hoping to get past the 800k mark today but at the turnaround point of my run I had a spasm in my right calf, I stopped and stretched it out and everything seem ok for about a km and then it went again damn it. I should have stopped then shut the run down and walked home but I didn’t. I sort of run hobbled back which in turn started to then cause tightness in my ankle ligaments 😦 I got home and stretched the hell out of my calf, did the old alphabet trick with the ankle, beat the living daylights out of myself with my foam roller and then smothered with deep heat and compressed, sounds a lot like a recipe lol. I then took 5mins to log my run on the running bug. Today was a very important day as not only was it my 100th run but I had been promised a poem from a fellow bug Alexandra Brown, and I was not to be disappointed check out her great poem here But alas the 800km had to wait another day. But not too long as I passed it with a whimper on run #101 a very slow 5km with a heavily strapped calf and ankle hurray and boooooo all at the same time.

very-inspiring-blogger-awardThe following morning I got a really nice surprise when I opened my twitter account and saw that I had been nominated for not one but two blogging awards  you could say I was slightly surprised. When I started out on this journey I viewed the fact that I had to do a blog and a daily and weekly post as a bit of a bind, it was not something I felt comfortable doing, “why the hell would anyone care what I have to say really?” But I viewed it as a necessaryversatileblogger111 evil. So when someone actually takes the time to say hey we really enjoy your blog it really does mean a lot to me so thank you not only to Caroline who nominated me for these awards but also to everyone who follows and comments on my blog. There we go that’s my Oscarish speech done and dusted (tears and all)

As I progressed into the week my calf started to feel a little more stable, and good news to as I have a big problem running with my calf compressed. It causes me major problems with my Tibialis anterior muscle  as documented in my earlier post  but run #102 was an easy 6km, still strapped up but much better and then by #103 & #104 I was back up to 8km + and pain free phew.

Run #105 was a pretty uneventful 10km run but what I witnessed when I returned home was anything but. As I logged my run I had one eye on Sky Sports News as the first reports were coming in of the cowardly attacks on spectators and runners during the closing stages of the Boston Marathon. I just sat there numb as I watched the footage which I am sure you have all now seen of the first and second bombs exploding, at a time when people are either celebrating completing a life goal or cheering on loved ones and strangers, both proud and in awe of their achievement.

Since that day I have read and seen numerous accounts of what occurred and the single constant is the bravery of the race marshals, Police, Medical staff, Fire service and members of the public who rushed in to help those injured and killed without any concern that there may be further devices ready to be detonated, heroes every last one of them, and then the pride I felt to see how the running community/family has pulled together to show our support for all those affected by these terrible events,

I know that the run is in next week’s total but I have dedicated run #106 to all those effected by the events in Boston


No point in building on foundations of sand (Week 14 review)

Total completed 775km

Total remaining 2225km

Total raised £1520

Following on from last weeks Nutrition mistakes I continued to take things easier concentrating on building my strength and in turn my distances throughout the week. As I headed through to the weekend I started to feel like my old self again and as I hit Friday I made the decision to start back on the double figure runs a 13km and a 11km run then followed, backed up by a solid 8km on the Sunday. It felt so good to be back above my daily average and once more eating into the 30km deficit that I had built up through my self imposed 5-6km run week.

With my nutrition brought very much into focus I have decided to keep a food diary along with Kristen Reese a fellow 2013 run streaker from Pennsylvania in the US (Check out her blog here I am hoping that this will help me keep a really good focus on what is going into my body as well as what I am burning off. I am starting this from 08/04/2013 so I will be posting this on my blog from 09/04/2013. Please do check both mine and Kristens food diaries out and please any feedback, tips, receipes etc will be gratefully received.

Anyway back to running, as mentioned in a previous post I had started to get very bored and demotivated with my run routes Trail to Mill Lakes But I am pleased and relieved to announce that my Change of routes has really helped freshen things up for me and has given me renewed motivation to get out there and run. As I was running up to Mill Lakes at the weekend I was just kicking myself that I had not done this earlier. It is so easy to shut a run down at 5km when you are bored I can come up with all sorts of excuses and it is amazing how your mind can make the smallest niggle feel like you can’t and shouldn’t run anymore. But on the flipside it is also equally easy to extend a run when you are enthused by your route or when it is something as simple as just that you look forward to getting out and running.

So next week will bring up my centenary run and I am really looking forward to my letter from the queen :–P.  More importantly though I have been promised a limerick from Alexandra Brown from the running bug. Have no fear people I shall share it with you next week until then happy running and check out my Food diary

Spring running in a foot of snow (week 12 review)

Total completed 671km

Total remaining 2329km

Total raised £1385

I have started to feel over the last couple of weeks that I am getting a little bored with my runs, pounding km after km of pavement alongside a main road is not the best for inspiring me to get out of my nice warm bed at 5am is it. The problem with this is that it has started to affect my run schedule, as on a couple of occasions I have just not had the desire to get up and get out on my morning runs, and so have had to do them in the evening thus impacting on my following morning run.

I put the source of this problem down to three points. Firstly the weather has just been horrible for the last couple of weeks and when you hear rain and wind pounding against the window first thing it is so easy to think sod it I am sure it will be dry this evening (it never is). Secondly I am at the core not a morning person and so if a half decent excuse comes my way to not get out of bed at 5am then I am going to grab with both hands and third and finally I am just bored with the routes I am running. Yes they are nice easy flat routes and they are enabling me to get the mileage done, but they are boring boring runs. So I made the decision to find some new routes that are easily accessible for me and hopefully freshen things up a bit. So these are what I have found:

Mill Lakes

Mill Lakes

Mill Lakes

This is a pretty solid 10km run which I have done many times before and it is always good. I know what you are all saying, “well why don’t you do it more often then”? Well pretty simple really it is not that easy. I am not going to sit here and say it has monster climbs because it hasn’t but it is hardish work and when you are having to get up and do another 5, 8, or 10km the following day anything other than nice easy flat is not very appealing but I am bored and so I would rather work a little harder for some variety and plus it is such a nice run. You can pick the trail or the pavement and it runs all the way to Mill Lakes (there’s a surprise) where I can do a single .75km or multiple laps of the lake depending on how fresh I’m feeling and then head home.

Bestwood Park

Climb to the top of bestwood park

Climb to the top of bestwood park

The Bestwood Park run follows the same route as the Mill Lakes run but splits at 4km and heads through a really nice wood and then up a pretty hefty climb to the park you then head back along the country roads through Bestwood, hooking back up with the Mill Lakes Trail this is a really great run if you are feeling a little more spritely but for that extra 2km there is   killer of a climb at about 6km in.

Highfields / Vernon Park

Highfields and Vernon parks

Highfields and Vernon parks

These are two small parks which are really nice for breaking my runs up Highfields is a boating lake near Nottingham University and is regularly used on the Robin Hood Marathon route, and now regularly used by myself on my run home from work and Vernon Park which was recently visited by the Queen (how posh are we in Notts) is just round the corner from my house and I have added it to my mundane morning ring road run and so far it has done the trick. So these runs have really helped freshen things up, what has also helped to freshen me up is the freezing temperatures and snow.

So I knew it was coming but still when I woke up on the official first day of spring and I was greeted with a blizzard it still came as something of a surprise. Friday was just horrible it snowed all day, the only saving grace is that at least it didn’t settle. Even so I headed out into it and managed to get a lively 5km in at something like a decent pace. As I got ready for bed I looked out of the window and saw no snow on the ground phew we had gotten away with it, how wrong I was. I woke on the Saturday to a good covering of snow (probably a good 3inches) but it was still pelting down and it didn’t stop for the next two days.

Nice 11km snow run

Nice 11km snow run

Now time for an observation/moan/gripe whatever you want to call it, and no it is not really about snow in spring. The snow was a bit of a pain yes but once I was out in it, it was such great fun up on the Mill lakes trail and then up to Bestwood Park on the Sunday ploughing through sometimes nearly a foot of fresh snow it was great fun, and I would recommend everyone getting out in it rather than boring yourself half to death on a ‘Dreadmill’. No my moan is not about running in the snow, my moan is this and yes I know this is going to make me sound really old.

When I was a kid at the first sight of a fleck of snow our parents would pretty much have to chain us down to try and stop us going out to play in it, whether that be sledging, snowball fights, building snowmen and pretty rubbish igloos whatever it was the bottom line was we could not wait to get out and have fun in it. On my Saturday and Sunday runs I saw the sum total of two children with sledges and that was it, I didn’t see a single snowman I didn’t see a single snowball being thrown and I only saw one family out for a walk, and all I could think to myself was are PlayStations and X box’s really that good???

Now I am not ancient I may sound it but I’m not, we had computer games and TV when we were kids but they were cast aside when the opportunity arose to go sledging or bury your little brother in the snow (sorry Gaz). So what has changed?? Yes the weather has been a bit rubbish over the last couple of months but it is not that often you have a good 7-8 inches of snow in Nottingham especially in the city, and it did make me feel a little sad that there was no one out enjoying it. Did anyone else who braved the conditions find this??

So that’s me for another week any feedback on the points raised would be great just really so I don’t feel like the only old fart out there 🙂