Crack the Champers thats 3000.8km’s in 365 days DONE !!!!!!!!


Well that’s it 3000km done in 365 days running an avg of +8 km’s every day of the year. Just want to say a quick thankyou to everyone who has supported me this year (you know who you are) I will be posting a full review of this year in the next couple of days but for now the bottle is calling so Hope you all have a fantastic new year …… Who’s for 3000km next year I dare you lol


Total completed 3000.80km

Total remaining FOOOK all

Me Mick Green and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham

Me Mick Green and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham



Run #364

Out for the penultimate run, a cold, wet and windy 11.54km’s but only one left now wahoooo and £3296 raised for a fantastic cause

Total completed 2994.33km

Total remaining 5.67km

Current daily avg : 8.23km

Required daily avg: 5.67km


Run #356

11.15km’s for run #356 means a 30km weekend and at last I feel I have broken the back of this challenge

Total completed 2925.35km

Total remaining 74.65km

Current daily avg: 8.22km

Required daily avg: 8.29km

9.19kms for run #353

Just for the record, because a couple of times I have done two runs in a day during the year I have now done 365 runs this year but hey still 12 days to go and a couple of km’s too.

Total completed 2888.44km’s

Total remaining 111.56km’s

Current daily avg: 8.18km

Required daily avg: 9.29km

Run #351

Out for run #351 slight technical problems as 27% battery life clearly was not quite enough to do 9.18km’s (think I have tired my Garmin out) so had to work out the missing distance from previous runs

Total completed 2872.73km

Total remaining 127.27km

Current daily avg: 8.18km

Required daily avg: 9.09km

Run #349

Not the distance I wanted to cover today but ahead of the avg required so no grumbles from here in regards to the distance a satisfying 12:69km’s for #349

Total completed 2849.14km

Total remaining 150.86km’s

Current daily avg 8.16km

Required daily avg: 9.43km