Run #346

Run #346 and a 8.02km to add to the running (haha) total

Total completed 2825.98km

Total remaining 174.02km

Current daily avg 8.17km

Required Daily avg 9.16km


Run #343

Run #343 a nice and steady 10.91km

Total completed 2800.72km

Total remaining 199.28km

Current daily avg 8.17km

Required daily avg 9.06km




Double run day for #335

A really nice frosty morning 8.53km’s for #335/1, followed by a moral boosting 9.72 km’s for #335/2

Total completed 2728.38 km

Total remaining 271.62 km

Current daily average 8.14 km

Daily average required 9.06 km

Run #335/1

Run #335/2