Run #189 Post Outlaw run

Aching Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, Ankles, Feet, Lungs and Shoulders made for a pretty hard 6km’s for run #189. But there was only one shirt I was running in tonight 🙂


Post Outlaw run

Post Outlaw run

Total completed 1554km

Total remaining 1446km


Run #188 Full Marathon and full on Heat

IMAG0399Marathon leg of the Outlaw Triathlon today and it was hot hot hot, I was told it was 34c in the shade and I believe that only problem was there was no shade on the run ouch. All that added up to the hardest run I have ever done and I was on target for a pb of 3:45 but blew up massive style with 2 miles to go and limped home in 4:04 but very very happy tired but happy

Run #188 42km

Total completed 1548km

Total remaining 1452km

Run #187

6km this morning then off to HPP to register for the Outlaw tomorrow good luck to everyone racing in particular my relay team mates Kate O’Connor and Daren Taylor

Total completed 1506km

Total remaining 1494km

Run #186

Well I say run, more like 6km’s run/jog/walk in prep for the Marathon run leg of the Outlaw Triathlon this Sunday but that is the big 1500km mark past

Total completed 1500km

Total remaining 1500km

The Outlaw Triathlon

Last year I completed the Outlaw Triathlon and it was without doubt one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but also one of the most enjoyable.

Finishing line

Finishing line

This year the is running again andI have looked on in envy as I have watched and heard others planning their assault on the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run. So when I was handed the opportunity by The Karen Green Foundation to run the marathon leg as part of a relay team I snapped their hands off.

So on the 7th July at 6am Kate O’Connor will embark on the 2.4 mile swim, Followed by Daren Taylor on the 112mile bike and then brought home by your truly in the Marathon. As with my on going challenge all 3 of us are competing and raising funds and awareness for the Karen Green Foundation so go and check out Kate and Daren’s Just Giving pages and if you have a few quid spare you know what to do.

Time to ramp it up a little (Week 17 review)

Weekly total 62km

Total completed 957km

Total remaining 2043km

Total Raised £1550

I made the decision that this was going to be the week when I finally stopped messing about and bite the bullet in regards to integrating my Triathlon training back into my weekly routine. I obviously had my running sorted 😉 and adding my swim into the mix is easy enough with either a Tuesday Morning or Wednesday evening coached swim with Absolute, or I always have the option of taking one of the drills to a public session. I have been easily churning out 100miles a week on the bike, but this is an area which I need to get some more focus on. With that in mind I arranged to go out with a friend of mine and hit the Outlaw Triathlon middle distance bike route This route is based around the outskirts of Nottingham (Radcliffe on Trent, Gunthorpe, Car Colstan & Southwell) and its a pretty lumpy 56 mile loop we were looking to follow this with a 10km run around the regatta lake at Holme Pierrepont, the scene of last year’s Outlaw triathlon torture session, making this a pretty decent Brick session for the first proper one of the season.

But that’s for later I started the week on a bit of a high with a pretty standard 8km taking me passed 900km, and with a good solid couple of weeks clear weather forecast I am fairly confident now of hitting that 1000km bang on schedule (yep that’s going to come back and bite me on the ass isn’t it? Ah well wrote it so will leave it in) But anyway passing the 900km mark really did help me get my tail up for the week. I completed Wednesdays swim session and a solid run home with none of the previous burnout issues and backed that up with a steady 8km the following morning.

I ditched my Friday long run as I had one eye on the monster brick session I penciled in for Sunday with Den so decided to inject a little bit of pace into run #116 for the first time in a while. So 8km was dispatched in a slightly swifter pace of 8min/ml, not rapid but not bad considering.

I Got up Sunday morning and it was freezing. So straight out window went short sleeve and shorts and out came the base layer and tights. This was the first time I had been out on the TT bike on a proper ride since the Outlaw Triathlon last July. kitAnd it showed. I was pretty sure I had got everything sorted the night before but it is amazing how out of practice you get with getting everything ready. To give you some idea of the amount of kit I used for the single outlaw race here is a couple of  pics (not that I needed anywhere near as much as this).

So as I got up that morning and looked at my bike I realised that I had forgotten my spare gelstubular tyre, my race helmet, my pedals (yep seriously) and we were 25 meters down the road in the car when I realised that I hadn’t brought my cycling shoes lol. The one thing that I didn’t forget but wished I had was my deep rim front wheel as the wind out on the course was epic there were at least 2 occasions when my front wheel was blown away while traveling at nearly 40mph and that’s pretty scary. All in all though it was a great ride out it was hard hard work in the conditions but it is always a good crack with Den. We made it back to the lake for our 10km run and after 3km I knew that it was not going to happen as with the actual race last year the headwind as you turned at the top of the lake was like running into a wall and so with my calves starting to cramp up, at 5km I decided to do the noble thing and hide in the café with a cup of tea and a cake.

Den in cake eating mode (sorry Den)

Den in cake eating mode (sorry Den)

I woke the following morning expecting to be hobbling around, dreading a hard earned 5km later in the day. But I pretty much bounced out of bed with my legs feeling tip top, so much so that I decided to make up for missing my long run on the Friday and do it on the Monday instead. (if you have not been following this, firstly tut tut you have loads to catch up on and my running week is Mon-Mon) So I finished off the week with a really great half Marathon distance run home in 1:56, a time that I would have been thrilled to bits with only 2 years ago.

So as I complete another week I am pleased to report that I am still feeling fresh after two 60+ km weeks and I am ready to tell you all about how I smashed through 1000km next week, getin  🙂