Nice recovery run for #302

Surprisingly good 8km run tonight considering yesterdays exploits

Total completed 2474km

Total remaining 526km


8km Run for #254

First night run for a long long time very weird not being able to see where your foots landing will have to dig the head torch out booooooooooooo

Total completed 2064km

Total remaining 936km

Run #241

Run #241 One running day until the Vit still not sure I can complete it but feel a damn sight better about it than I did a week ago.

Total completed  1941km

Total remaining 1059km


Run #235

A day spent applying Ibuprofen gel, stretching and using my massage roller is looking like it may be paying off the knee felt much better on tonights run. By no means back to 100% but a much happier 5km’s

Total completed 1909km

Total remaining 1091km


Run #230

Nice recovery run of 8km for #230

Total completed 1881km

Total remaining 1119km


Run #221 Recovery 8km’s

Nice to get out and get another 8km’s in the bag after yesterdays hard brick session

Total completed 1815km

Total remaining 1185km


Run #212 end of another month

Run #212 easy 6km tonight to mark the end of another month. Full end of month stats tomorrow as I am for to tired and need to go to bed ASAP

Total completed 1727km

Total remaining 1273km